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September 2017 Archives

Divorce dispute over art collection worth up to $1 billion

Every divorcing couple must go through the process of dividing their marital property. This process is rarely easy for anyone, but it can be especially difficult in cases of high-asset divorce. Often, the biggest issue is ascertaining the value of certain assets, such as ownership stakes in businesses, stock options or investment accounts.

What are fathers' rights in child custody?

In the past, a typical California custody arrangement resulted in a mother receiving primary custody of the children, while the father, as the non-custodial parents, was only able to exercise visitation rights. This arrangement does still occur in some situations, but fathers should note that they have the right to shared custody. Because society has moved towards a co-parenting environment, divorcing parents should understand that this likely means they will have joint-custody of their children post-divorce.

Achieving an amicable California divorce through mediation

Dissolving a marriage is not the intention spouses have when they enter their union. However, life can bring with it many changes and surprises. Unfortunately, life changes are not always beneficial to the marital relationship. Disputes could run high and love can diminish.

The benefits of child custody mediation

Filing for divorce means spouses in California and elsewhere have to make a wide variety of decisions. For those with children, this means reaching agreements on custody and child support. These decisions are rather sensitive and emotional, causing some parents to approach the decision-making process with much care and delicacy. Because they do not want a judge to hold the power of determining what is best for their child, some parents will avoid the litigation process altogether.

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