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What do you need to know when sharing child custody?

When a divorce leads to a battle, children typically turn out to be the losers. As parents engage in a war of words during the course of a divorce, children can be emotionally and psychologically wounded. And this is true throughout the country, including in California. In keeping the best interest of the child in mind, it is best to come up with a child custody arrangement with both spouses behaving decently and not emotionally, similar to business associates.

Property division battle between Harold Hamm, ex-wife continues

Divorce is a reality for many Californian couples. Many divorces are actually long-drawn battles, where couples lock horns over several issues, including alimony, child custody and child support and property division. Sometimes, couples can navigate through asset division without much intervention. However, when it comes to high-asset divisions, bitterness and the war of words may be escalated. High-asset divorces are usually in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Understanding the child support system in Alameda County

Divorce typically deals a hard blow to children. As parents squabble over child custody, spousal support, and child support, children may feel a strange insecurity about who will look after them and pay for their food, clothing, education and toys. What about medical expenses or everyday expenses of the child? These are some of the questions that may haunt children when their parents are planning to break up permanently?

A California attorney can help finalize an amicable divorce

Very often couples in the United States, including those in California, do not want to go through the elaborate process of divorce litigation. Many have found divorce mediation a cheaper alternative to courtroom divorce. An amicable divorce not only reduces the costs associated with divorce but also helps minimize the emotional stress associated with courtroom divorce.

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