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What is a Schedule of Assets and Debts in a California divorce?

After child custody and child support, one of the most contentious issues faced by couples who are getting a divorce is property division. That includes assets and debts and is a factor whether the couple has significant assets or is of more modest means. For those who have come to the end of a marriage, there are certain factors related to assets and debts that are foundational and should be understood from the start. When deciding how the assets and debts will be split, couples should list their property.

Spousal support at center of famed couple's divorce dispute

Many people in California who are protecting themselves against the idea of their marriage failing and a divorce taking place will formulate prenuptial agreements. For those already married and want to get that same protection, they will seek postnuptial agreements. Regardless of when the agreement is crafted, these can often be a source of dispute at the end of a marriage. This can come about for a variety of reasons, including a lack of knowledge about how the agreement will affect them or a change in financial circumstances. This is not limited to people with significant income and assets. The issue can arise for anyone, and it is imperative to have legal assistance to deal with it.

How do I collect a money judgment after my divorce?

After a family law case has been completed in California and a judgment has been made that the former spouse must pay a money judgment, many people are completely unaware of how to go about collecting it. There are many misconceptions as to what takes place at the end of a marriage and one that frequently arises and is the foundation for dispute is collecting this money from a judgment.

Don't let conflict with your co-parent ruin the kids' school year

If you're a Pleasanton parent with shared custody of the kids, it's not too late to re-tool your relationship with your co-parent. Although Pleasanton schools re-opened on Aug. 13, there's still plenty of time to ensure that you and your co-parent — and most importantly, the kids — have a conflict-free school year.

Can child custody and visitation be settled via mediation?

California couples who are divorcing will be in dispute about many issues. Two of the most complex and emotionally charged are child custody and visitation plans. For many, this is not a situation in which they can come to an agreement no matter how hard they try. But there are cases where the differences are negotiable. When getting beyond the initial hard feelings about a parting of the ways and how the children will be situated, couples might find there is not a vast chasm between their positions. It is then that a mediator can help with family law negotiation.

New tax laws could impact couples' decision to divorce

Regardless of a California resident's political preferences, changes to the law can have a significant impact on their lives. When the recent changes to the tax laws were put in place, there were ancillary factors that many might not have considered. However, the overhaul has changed the way spousal support is assessed for the supporting individual and the individual who is receiving support. This could have an influence on people who are thinking about a divorce and want to make sure they get the deduction, as they will need to file and complete the process before year's end.

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