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What are the alternatives to divorce litigation?

Due to the bitter feelings between estranged spouses or intimate partners, divorce is often acrimonious. Divorces can also have grave financial repercussions. Issues such as the assessment of spousal support, child support and child custody can become major points of conflict during a divorce proceeding. In such cases, out-of-court settlements for divorce related issues can prove beneficial.

Developing a child custody plan per California laws

Oakland divorce is especially hard on the children of a broken home. It thus becomes imperative for parents to act responsibly and put their own issues aside, while finding a good solution for the child. Courts may often guide parents to formulate a parenting plan, visitation schedule or custodial agreement to formulate all terms of child custody.

August dubbed as "child support awareness" month

California residents may agree that divorces are often emotionally traumatic for all concerned and usually especially traumatic for the children involved. The situation may be exacerbated if estranged spouses rage a bitter custody battle or have long-term, turbulent legal battles regarding spousal or child support. Cases of child support may also suffer greatly if the biological parents had children without the benefit of marriage.

Handling child support delinquencies in California

Divorces are emotionally traumatic for the parties involved. Children can often sufferer the most from broken homes. Most states in the United States of America, including California, apply the test of "best interest of the child" in order to determine most divorce issues that are related to the child of a divorce. These issues may include child support, child custody and visitation rights.

Divorce mediation can help minimize the acrimony

Divorce mediation is a process by which estranged spouses seeking a divorce can negotiate terms and conditions that would be favorable to both parties in front of a neutral third party. Divorce mediation, however, is different from arbitration. While an arbitrator has the power to make decisions which can be binding on both parties, a mediator does not have any such authority. Most states, including California, allow mediation proceedings in divorce cases.

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