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How can different divorce options help divorcing couples?

You may have heard more these days about mediation as it relates to divorce and you may have also heard of collaborative divorce but wondered what it is. Collaborative divorce allows divorcing couples to resolve disputes by reaching agreements with trained professionals that can help guide them through the divorce process. The collaborative divorce process also allows divorcing couples to work together to make divorce-related decisions for themselves based on what is best for their family -- which they are in the best position to discern. Collaborative divorce in California is a process that can be utilized in marriage and domestic partnership dissolutions.

Same sex marriage and domestic partnership options in California

The history of same-sex marriage in California is long and involves several court cases, rulings and even a constitutional amendment. It is important for many same-sex partners living in California to understand the current status of the law and the family law options it affords them. Same-sex marriage is now legal throughout the United States and has been settled in California for several years.

Facing the challenges of spousal support with family law help

Spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, can be a challenging and sometimes emotionally upsetting aspect of any divorce. The views of the divorcing spouses concerning spousal support may be completely opposed to one another and the emotional nature of the process can compound the situation. The potential recipient spouse will likely view the amount and duration of payments in a different way than the potential paying spouse will view those concerns and each party may feel strongly about spousal support.

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