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November 2013 Archives

Expanding definition of family complicates child custody

The definition of family is changing. As a result of the new laws on same-sex marriage sweeping the country, breakthroughs in reproductive technology and a lessening gender divide where women work just as hard and often as men, the typical family has become less easy to define. Certainly one new aspect of marriage is the growing acceptance of divorce. What these phenomena often result in are blended and growing families where children from previous and current marriages share households.

Emotions run high during high asset divorces

This blog is dedicated to sharing news and informing California residents on the intricacies, challenges and even benefits of divorce. One topic previously discussed is that of high asset divorces, which can be inherently more complicated than other divorces due to the large amount of assets to divide. Yet, one factor that should be discussed is the emotional toll such a complicated divorce can take on the separating couple.

How to avoid child custody issues that surface during holidays

As the holidays approach, many California residents may anticipate, not only the many exciting and loving traditions, but also the stress dealing with reconciling a child custody schedule with one's ex-spouse. Notoriously, determining child custody during the holidays is an especially contentious subject where schedules are often constantly changing out of the ordinary to daily life. When obtaining a divorce or considering a holiday custody schedule, it is important to consider a number of factors in order to avoid arguments and unnecessary stress.

Seven tips to a smooth divorce in Oakland

In this great and very populated nation, there are a variety of personalities and with that a spectrum of experiences with divorce. While each separating couple in California might need different things or processes when obtaining a divorce, per one divorce expert, there are at least a few things all couples should do in order ensure the least contentious divorce possible.

Clint Eastwood and wife of 17 years undergoing divorce

When children are involved, the biggest consideration in divorce is typically protecting the child's best interests. The best interests of the child are always the determining factor where child custody is concerned -- his or her mental health, physical health, happiness, security, and emotional health are of the utmost importance.

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