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September 2012 Archives

Divorce coaches helping guide couples through divorce process

People receive guidance from a variety of individuals throughout their lives. Be it from our parents, bosses, high school coaches and teachers; advice on how to tackle something is often invaluable. A rather recent development in California, and around the country, has brought structured guidance into the divorce process as well through divorce coaches.

California treasurer's wife granted some visitation rights

One of the most difficult things about separating from a partner occurs when children are involved. Determining who gets the children and when are incredibly difficult decisions and often the reason why the divorce process is long and contentious. However, in a lot of circumstances, the separating couple is able to determine the details of child custody themselves. However, the state of California also considers the best interests of the child in determining custody issues and while consider this test when approving a custody request. These best interest considerations are currently at play in the matter of the separation of the California treasurer and his wife.

Dividing real property in the event of divorce

When it comes to divorce, California is a community property state. This means that for purposes of property division, any assets acquired by either spouse during marriage are jointly owned by the two. Thus, in the event of divorce, commonly owned property is divided equally between the separating spouses. However, many question what happens with the spousal home in the event of divorce if the separating couple wants to keep the property.

Changing one's name after divorce

We've all either experienced or known someone who has gotten a divorce. Thus, we all also know that in an increasingly gender equal society, the terms of divorces are also changing. The way property division works, alimony awarded and child custody determined is a completely different process in this new world, where most divorcing women are in the full-time workforce, making as much money, if not more than, their divorcing spouse.

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