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March 2014 Archives

California woman charged for interfering with child custody

For couples going through a divorce, it is often more complicated than simply discontinuing a relationship with a spouse and dividing assets, especially if there are children involved. Although each parent may want full custody of a child, parents must come to an agreement that best suits the child.

Delinquent child support payments may trigger unique repercussion

There can be serious repercussions for California parents who fall behind on child support payments. However, under special circumstances, such as a change in a parent's income or a change in a child's financial needs, child support modifications may be made. Until the modification is made, though, payments must resume as agreed upon.

The importance of organization in California divorces

California residents in the process of finalizing a divorce likely have a lot to consider. With emotions already running high, divorcees may have to worry about child custody and child support arrangements, property division and the many other financial and emotional aspects that are inevitable with divorce. During this difficult time, divorcees have one ally that can help reduce stress and potentially better the chances of a favorable outcome -- getting organized.

Considering liabilities in the property division conversation

While there are many hot topic issues discussed in the news surrounding the divorce process, there are also some important points often swept under the rug. One of these skirted-over issues has to do with debt and separation. California is a community property state. That means in terms of property division, a couple's assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage should be split close to evenly upon divorce. While, this is often the case in divorce court, in reality, debt collectors do not necessarily follow the same rules.

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