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June 2012 Archives

Famous divorce researcher dies at age 90

The effect of separating spouses on children is a highly discussed consequence of divorce. As a previous post mentioned, some researchers conclude divorce can actually be better for children, because divorcing parents find themselves living a happier, less stressful life after splitting with their former spouse. Judith Wallerstein, a famous divorce researcher, took on a slightly more complicated conclusion as to the effects of divorce on children. Sadly, this dedicated researcher recently passed away.

Congress considering international child support treaty

Many Alameda County residents know that going through a divorce is difficult enough before addressing contentious issues such as child custody and child support as well. On top of all this, once a divorce decree delineating child support payments is finally determined, collecting child support payments can be a whole different issue.

Some think Facebook's success could lead to more marital breakups

As many Californians know, Facebook recently went public. This event created 850 new millionaires. A few experts speculate that such an occurrence will also bring a surge of divorces. According to one source, this occurred shortly after Google and Cisco went public. What is important to consider is that with a new surge in wealth comes more issues of property division including the division of assets, retirement accounts, artwork and bank accounts.

Unpaid child support results in community service for Rodman

As a previous post mentioned, former NBA star Dennis Rodman has been under court and media scrutiny for his alleged failure to make child support payments. A California judge recently threatened jail time as a potential consequence, calling the failure to pay contempt of court.

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