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TV star ordered to pay high amount in spousal support

An amicable solution outside of court is not always possible for every California divorce. Sometimes, a person's interests must be fought for in a court room. In divorce, there is much that needs to be settled and it is not always predictable. No one ever knows with 100 percent certainty how a court will divide property or determine child custody and support arrangements. However, with skilled representation, it is oftentimes possible to fight to protect a person's property interests.

Family pets, divorce and property division

Property division during a divorce involves many concerns that may not be obvious. While many California residents may first think of the house or luxury car first and foremost, there are smaller assets to consider as well. Besides just the less obvious financial considerations -- retirement options, investments and the like -- there are also assets that may not hold monetary value, but are of great sentimental value to divorcees. Oftentimes, these assets need to be fought for just as vigorously as some of the larger assets.

Former NFL player reaches child custody agreement

Figuring out a child custody arrangement is a sensitive matter. While the needs of the parents are important, the best interests of the child outweigh any other consideration. Finding an arrangement that meets the best interests of the child, as well as satisfies some of the needs of the parents, can be challenging. It often requires careful and deliberate decisions that are informed by legal expertise and experience.

Investments can play important role in property division

Investment and bank accounts are often overlooked in property division. They are, in some cases, pushed aside by the houses, cars and assets with sentimental attachments. True, not everything in divorce amounts to money -- sentimental value is also important. But in ensuring that a divorcee fights for what he or she is entitled to, it is imperative to consider the less obvious assets. By doing so, California divorcees may be able to reach a fair and equal property division settlement.

Tips for co-parenting in joint child custody situations

Getting a divorce is complicated in itself, both financially and emotionally, but things can get even more complex if a divorcing couple has children. Things like visitation schedules and child custody agreements can be very difficult to discuss, but there are ways divorced couples can cope with joint custody agreements and ultimately raise happy, healthy children.

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