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The benefits of child custody mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

Filing for divorce means spouses in California and elsewhere have to make a wide variety of decisions. For those with children, this means reaching agreements on custody and child support. These decisions are rather sensitive and emotional, causing some parents to approach the decision-making process with much care and delicacy. Because they do not want a judge to hold the power of determining what is best for their child, some parents will avoid the litigation process altogether.

Child custody mediation is a vital step to take during dissolution. Understanding the process to its fullest can help parents experience all the benefits the process can offer. Whether a couple is in a dispute about custody or are just seeking to reach a final and binding agreement, the use of a neutral third party and this process can be better facilitated.

When beginning the mediation process, it is important to consider why one is going through this process. Was it suggested by one spouse, did both spouses decide to initiate the process or was it ordered by a judge? The reason for mediation can determine how a spouse will act during it or whether they can back out.

Mediation sessions could last from two to three hours. The goal is to resolve as many divorce issues as possible. Concerning custody decisions, this means coming to the session with goals and needs in mind.

Making a list of these are important, and it will progress the process. Whether one sees equal parenting time or visitation, the main benefit of child custody mediation is the increased willingness by both parents to follow the agreed upon arrangement.

Divorcing with children is never easy. But, parents have the ability to reduce the stress and conflicts dissolution could promulgate. The mediation process could be very beneficial when trying to resolve divorce issues such as child custody.

Nonetheless, this process is not for everyone. Those considering the mediation process should take the time to gain more information, seeking legal advice, if necessary.

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