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October 2013 Archives

Famous music producer divorcing wife of five years

Divorce can happen to any couple. Whether they've been together for five months or five years, a couple may encounter irreconcilable differences at any stage of their marriage and decide to split up. It doesn't matter how rich, famous or successful the couple may be, divorce is often times the best option for couples looking to move forward and begin a new stage in their lives.

California kids can now have three or more parents

California is a wonderfully diverse state and is home to families of many shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether they are one-parent homes, two-parent homes, children living with grandparents or stepparents or others, California families are unique to themselves and do their best to support their children.

Infidelity in marriage and its impact on the divorce process

While there are many reasons for divorce, one of the must hurtful and painful is that of infidelity. A cheating spouse might not always result in separation, but for some couples, the behavior might make the marriage unsalvageable. When a divorce results from such circumstances, it is important to take into account whether the behavior could impact the divorce proceedings.

Property division tools when divorcing later in life

As California residents are aware, the decision to get a divorce is a truly life-altering one. Yet, separating from one's spouse is not always nearly as difficult as many might imagine and the decision can improve quality of life in the long run. While the divorce rate in the nation generally has been declining as of late, the divorce rate for those 50 plus has actually risen. Obtaining a divorce in the later stages in life might feel intimidating, yet there are a number of resources available that can make the process surmountable.

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