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January 2016 Archives

Should divorces be started in January?

During January, many individuals find that the time is right for them to go their separate way and file for divorce from their spouse. Oftentimes couples and families will remain together during the holidays and begin to discuss separation or pursue divorce after the New Year. Couples may have different thoughts and concerns about the divorce process, and oftentimes there are heated disputes over certain legal issues. Therefore, those considering divorce should endeavor to collect necessary information, determine goals for the divorce, and seek to understand the process of dissolving a marriage.

Family law considerations can be complex for same-sex couples

Dissolution of domestic partnerships can be complicated. Legal separation can also be complicated, but the family law legal process is available to help couples and families. Couples in same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, or separation situations may be in need of understanding and direction. When same-sex couples seek to dissolve their marriages, as when any couples seeks a divorce, there are many important considerations both partners must resolve. Same-sex couples seeking to dissolve a domestic partnership may also have a number of important concerns with which they need to deal.

Understanding child support in California

It is important for parents in California to understand child support and how a child support order is enforced. After a child support order is issued, a wage garnishment order is also issued so that the employer of the paying parent takes the ordered amount out of paying parent's wages. If the parents agree, and the local child support agency is not involved, the order for wage garnishment can be stayed and the parents can decide between themselves how the child support payments will be made. If the local child support agency is involved, then it has to agree with the arrangement in order for the wage garnishment to be stayed.

What child custody arrangements are possible in California?

Child custody can be a significant and emotional concern for many parents entering the divorce process. Because of the sensitive and important nature of child custody, divorcing couples may wonder what child custody arrangements are possible and likely.

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