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December 2013 Archives

The art of giving the children of divorce

As many California residents are all too familiar for a divorced couple when the holidays roll around, determining child custody and the art of giving to the kids can be difficult. Not only is it a challenge to come to an agreement on who has the children over the holidays, who picks them up and when other family parties are important enough to interrupt an already pre-determined child custody schedule, but it can also be troubling to even buy holiday gifts.

Property division and Obamacare

As California residents have likely noticed, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as it is commonly known, is getting quite a bit of attention in the news lately. Yet, aside from the discussions surrounding website registration hiccups, insurance coverage deadlines and meeting insurance policy requirements, there is also some focus on the act's relationship to divorce.

A divorce might build character in the long run

California residents often agree that going through a separation is a troubling and truly difficult process. The hard decisions, such as separating from one's once thought life partner, determining difficult questions, such as child custody, child support and dividing property, can take a hardy toll on all involved. Yet, it is also important to keep in perspective the potential positive aspects of getting the separation.

Same-sex divorce issues

Recent posts have discussed the ever-changing family structure and how such changes influence divorce. One of the most influential changes to family law recently comes in the form of same sex marriage, and the increasing expansion of the definition of marriage. These changes also impact divorce. Some trouble has erupted, however, as numerous states have different laws on the matter of both same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce.

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