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July 2013 Archives

Famous documentarian and wife to divorce

For those California residents who have gone through a divorce, the fear of gossip about a private situation is no doubt a familiar emotion. For most individuals going through separation, however, the process is mainly private, with only some friends and family privy to the ongoing process.

Post-DOMA decision; how same-sex divorce shakes out

Since the U.S. Supreme Court released its decisions on the same-sex marriage cases, the state of California has experienced a flurry of media surrounding the overturning of Proposition Eight. With the dust cleared, there are now a number of housekeeping items to get in order, including how finances are sorted out in the event of a same-sex divorce.

Child custody battle strands mother and child in Brazil

California residents are well aware that one of the most potentially contentious aspects of divorce can be that of determining child custody. While separating property and other assets, or even ironing out spousal support details are certainly difficult, making the ultimate decision of where the children live and with whom is truly life altering. While the laws in California can make child custody determinations relatively straightforward, based off a best interest of the child concept, these court decisions are not always honored in other countries.

Some pensions not community property in California

When it comes to divorce, there are many questions to answer, including the details of child custody, child support and how to divide the property. Many separating couples may assume the most difficult part of the process is coming to an agreement as to how to answer these hard questions. Yet, sometimes, the hardest part of divorce can be interpreting the law that applies to a particular situation.

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