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August 2012 Archives

Determining pet custody in a divorce

There are many things to argue over in a divorce. This is, unfortunately, part of the reason why divorces can be complicated and stressful. Child custody is one of those very contentious issues. Parents spend long hours debating with each other and a judge about who should gain custody of the children and when. One issue entering the debate more and more often has to do with the custody, not of children, but pets.

Future of CrossFit may be up to divorce court

The division of property in a divorce can be a complicated matter. Marital property assets such as business assets and retirement plans are not as simple to divide as many might believe. The distribution of property is even more difficult when a high asset divorce takes place. Such a complicated scenario has recently arisen between two spouses who own the global fitness business CrossFit.

How to act during divorce

There are many different issues to discuss in the divorce process. Issues of child custody, property division, alimony and child support swirl in and out of the difficult separation discussion. Sometimes it is assumed in a heterosexual divorce that the woman will gain custody of the children, while the man will end up paying child support. However, as many previous posts have indicated, and as many Alameda County residents know, times have changed. The right to child support payments -- or the obligation to pay child support -- is no longer gender specific.

Protecting one's finances before marriage

This blog is primarily dedicated to divorce law and all things related to divorce. Most individuals, including California residents, would rather not consider the prospect of divorce before their wedding day. However, it is a smart and important step to consider one's finances even before marriage in order to prepare for potential property division in the event of divorce.

California same-sex partners will benefit from federal rule changes

In cases where couples are considering ending their marriage, the valuation and division of pensions and retirement plans is often an issue. But for same-sex domestic partners of federal employees in California, the right to receive those retirement benefits in the first place has been clouded in recent years by the political and judicial controversy over gay marriage and divorce.

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