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December 2018 Archives

When will prenuptial agreements be considered voluntary?

California premarital agreements -- also referred to as prenuptial agreements or prenups -- are common. These are often used in marriages where there are significant assets at stake, but people can have them for a variety of reasons that transcend simple finances. Of all divorce legal issues that people encounter and result in dispute, the way in which property and assets are split at the end of a marriage is one of the most contentious.

How a mediator can help with a child custody case

For Californians whose marriage is at an end, it does not necessarily need to be a contentious situation as they battle over every issue. Mediation could be an alternative with a variety of factors that will arise in the proceeding. One of the most pressing is child custody. While the parties might have a desire to be the custodial parent, it is a subject that is open to negotiation. That is here a mediator can help to smooth the process, avoid rancor, and have both parents take part in a decision that they have agreed upon. Knowing what happens in mediation is vital. It is also wise to have legal assistance from an attorney.

How does a vocational skills counselor impact spousal support?

When a California couple gets a divorce, one of the concerns that will be important is the possibility of spousal support. Alternatively referred to as alimony, this is a frequently contentious issue with a spouse being ordered to pay for the other spouse's upkeep until that spouse can self-support. It could last for an extended period. Many factors go into determining how much the spousal support will be and its duration. One issue that many might not be aware of is the possibility that the court will order the prospective supported spouse to take part in an examination with a vocational training counselor. Understanding what the law says about this possibility is important to a case.

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