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November 2016 Archives

The US divorce rate keeps dropping. What does that reflect?

You've probably heard that half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. It's a statistic people cite to shore up a whole range of arguments, but the truth is a bit more complex. For example, it's not true that half of all first marriages end in divorce; the count includes second and later marriages, which are statistically less likely to succeed.

Six arrested in California for failing to pay child support

The family law process provides a variety of valuable child support resources to parents and families in a variety of different types of situations. Six people, including five men and one woman, were recently arrested in Northern California for failure to pay child support. A warrant sweep was conducted for failure to appear in court for failure to pay child support. The six individuals were arrested on civil contempt charges for their failure to pay court-ordered child support. Individuals in California that have failed to pay child support may be wanted on a civil arrest warrant. Parents facing that situation should contact the Department of Child Support Services.

Options for structuring alimony payments in a divorce agreement

In this volatile economy, you may have gone through times when your income was high and others when you barely made enough to pay the bills. Lots of occupations can involve large swings in income depending on circumstances largely beyond your control. In professional sports, for example, you may stand to make millions -- but an injury or lockout could change things suddenly. The same goes for entrepreneurs; new ventures can bring big payoffs or simply fizzle out.

Divorcing couples should understand collaborative divorce

Many divorcing couples in California may not be familiar with collaborative divorce, but it is an option that can help with the divorce process. Divorce can be an emotional and difficult life experience for many couples but collaborative divorce is an option to help minimize the negative impact of a divorce on the divorcing couple and their family.

Spousal support is important to many divorcing spouses

Spousal support may be the most important aspect of many divorces, however, it can also be one of the most difficult and contentious parts of a divorce. There may be a tension between one spouse not wanting to provide long-term or permanent spousal support and the other spouse believing they should receive the most support for as long as possible. The interests of the spouses must be balanced to reach a fair solution.

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