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June 2013 Archives

Baby boomer divorce can involve more difficult property division

Perhaps it won't come as a surprise here in California that as baby boomers, one of the largest subgroups of the U.S. population, start to retire, the number of divorces for people over 50 is on the rise. A generation that dramatically changed many aspects of American culture may now be changing how people in this country retire now and in the future.

Some of the highest asset divorces

California residents may know all too well the complications that are involved in divorce. In a state where the divorce rate is rising above 50 percent, a separating couple is no longer a rare event. The state of California, due to its many attractions to celebrities and dotcom success stories, also holds a large number of high-asset divorces.

The would-haves and should-haves of divorce

Previous posts here have covered the troubling aspects of divorce and just how a person might surmount them. Another potentially useful focus is learning from another's divorce mistakes. California residents may be interested to know what their peers would have done differently during their divorce.

Exposing income in a high-asset divorce

There are many things about the divorce process that make obtaining a separation from one's spouse a trying event. For example, going through the emotional strife inherent in losing one's partner is particularly troubling. Furthermore, determining complicated questions involving child custody, alimony and asset division can make an already contentious topic even more adversarial. When facing these difficult hurdles, it is imperative one have all the information up front in order to make an informed decision and obtain a fair result. Yet, in some situations, particularly those involving high asset divorces, one or even both spouses may not be honest about their earning power.

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