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August 2016 Archives

The benefits of collaborative divorce

There are different alternatives to divorce litigation that may help couples reach a more amicable divorce settlement. Mediation and collaborative divorce are two alternate options provided by the family law system for couples to consider when divorcing. Mediation and collaborative divorce share some similarities. Each process involves negotiation and can be helpful for couples to help them reach a divorce settlement.

Understanding what types of property may be community property

It is no secret that property division during a divorce can be challenging. In California, community property laws are followed when dividing property upon divorce. Under community property laws, property acquired during the marriage is owned equally by spouses and is divided equally when they divorce. It is oftentimes thought of as a fifty-fifty split of property upon divorce.

Family law help is available when a parent abducts a child

Child custody is a serious topic for a number of families, and concerns over a custody agreement that has not been followed can increase the serious nature of the concerns that parents may have. Emotions can sometimes cloud better judgment, which may lead to one parent violating a custody agreement and abducting their child. In some circumstances, an international abduction situation may make the issue more complex and worrisome for the other parent.

Gray divorces have important financial implications

While divorces may be declining generally, the number of so-called gray divorces involving couples over 50 are rising. Divorce can have a significant impact at any age but can have a particularly significant impact on women divorcing over the age of 50. Women divorcing over the age of 50 may have remained out of the workforce and generally earn less than men even if working. They also have longer life spans so it is necessary to plan for their financial futures.

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