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April 2012 Archives

San Carlos Mayor resigns due to impending divorce

The Mayor of San Carlos, California, Andy Klein, abruptly resigned this week. In the letter he wrote to the city he stated his resignation had to do with personal issues, including his impending divorce. Klein was on the City Council since 2009, and was appointed Mayor last June. In the letter, Klein indicated that during this traumatic time, the idea of juggling his personal and public life was too much. Klein had also been arrested on drunk driving suspicions in May.

California couple denied out of state divorce

In a divorce, the terms of the division of property, and child custody and support issues can aid in mapping out a couple's split. A legal divorce obligates each divorcing spouse to abide by terms of a divorce decree. If a spouse defaults on any aspect of the divorce agreement, the injured spouse has a remedy in law that requires the defaulting spouse to comply.

What not to do in a child custody case

In California, either or both parents may obtain custody of the children in the event of a divorce. Often, during divorce discussions, parents will determine on their own custody details, or what is often called a parenting plan. However, if parents cannot agree, a judge may have to make the final decision on which parent obtain custody of the children. California considers the best interests of the child when determining child custody.

Failure to pay child support in California could mean jail time

Child support is the regular payments made to cover a child's day-to-day expenses like food, medical care and clothing. In California, the amount of child support is calculated according to a formula that factors in both parents' incomes. California support orders can include penalties for failure to pay accordingly. These penalties may be issued in the form of a fine, or as criminal punishment, as in the recent case involving former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

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