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January 2014 Archives

California group wants to require pre-marriage classes

California residents may well agree that there is a rare marriage that starts out aiming for divorce. Further, while there are certainly common reasons for divorce, there is no perfect formula by which any couple might abide in order to escape separation later on. Yet, there are steps individuals can take in order to try to help maintain a healthy marriage. This often includes keeping communication lines open and being ready to commit to one person.

January divorce month after the stress of the holidays

It is no uncommon thing to seek out a divorce after the holiday season. Some California residents appreciate that there is often, in fact, an uptick in the divorce numbers in January. In a moment of sardonic depth, January is sometimes referred to as National Divorce Month.

Schwartzenegger divorce involves no prenuptial agreement

Most California residents have heard this advice: consider a prenuptial agreement before marriage. But almost just as many Californians might not appreciate who can benefit from a prenuptial agreement or exactly what the consequences to go without one. Some might dare to include former California governor Arnold Schwartzenegger on such a list. Schwarzenegger is currently undergoing a divorce from his wife of almost 30 years reportedly as a result of his infidelities with a nanny, who later bore him a child.

Seeing the light at the end of the divorce tunnel

California residents understand that there is no question divorce is a difficult process to undergo. Facing a decision to separate from one's, once thought, life partner is never easy. Then, experiencing the harshness of reality when friends and family are notified of the news makes things all the more troubling. Further, the divorce process itself can be harsh to undergo.

Money lies that can result in divorce problems

As many California residents might appreciate, while there are a variety of reasons couples obtain divorces, one of the biggest has to do with financial matters. Specifically, some experts estimate that when an individual keeps a money secret from his or her spouse, such behavior might often lead to divorce. This problem also will often translate into a greater issue during the divorce proceedings where transparency and honesty are the best key to a successful and stress-free divorce.

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