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Achieving an amicable California divorce through mediation

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

Dissolving a marriage is not the intention spouses have when they enter their union. However, life can bring with it many changes and surprises. Unfortunately, life changes are not always beneficial to the marital relationship. Disputes could run high and love can diminish.

When one or both spouses believe it is best to part ways, the next logical step is to file for divorce. But, achieving an amicable divorce does not always look like both spouses fighting it out in court. There are alternative options to litigation, and these methods could prove to be more efficient and effective in the end.

Divorce mediation has been viewed as a beneficial divorce method. It is not process that works for everyone. Even though mediation is a mechanism to achieve an amicable divorce, many experts assert that the process can still be complicated. Because it is likely to involve the five stages of grief, which include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, it is not always the easier method to end a marriage.

No one is happy that his or her marriage is over, and no spouse is thrilled to go through the multifaceted process to finalize the dissolution. Thus, emotions can get in the way. The mediation process can help lessen the blow of grief, as it is a method that helps to systematically work through the divorce issues troubling a couple.

While some divorcing couples view the end of their marriage as being a failure, this does not mean the process used to end their union needs to be. Finalizing a divorce is like getting a new beginning, and divorcing spouses can set the tone for that. By working together, some spouses are able to develop a strong post-divorce relationship.

Because no two marriages are the same, no two divorces are the same either. For divorcing couples using mediation to end their marriage, it is important to understand how this process works and how to best navigate it. In order to get the most benefits from divorce mediation, spouses need to be well informed and take steps to protect their rights.

Source: Bucks County Courier Times, “The modern divorce – amicable or acrimonious?,” Debra Wallace, Sept. 2, 2017


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