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Is legal separation a better option for me than divorce?

California couples who are at or near the end of a marriage will automatically consider how to move on. With the various factors that must be assessed in this process, a fundamental concern is whether a divorce is the preferable strategy or not. For some, a legal separation is preferable to divorce. There can be a litany of reasons for this. When coming to a determination, however, it is wise to understand all the ramifications of the choice they make and if a legal separation is better for their circumstances. Understanding the details of a legal separation is key.

Modifying an order for child support or alimony in California

Californians who have endured the stresses and burdens of divorcing a spouse often think that the order and judgment for divorce has settled that part of their lives forever. Unfortunately, life is never certain, and the issues that proved so contentious during the divorce proceeding can often reemerge if circumstances change. Two of the issues that most commonly reappear are child support and spousal support.

Choosing between collaborative divorce and mediation

Ending a marriage is never a pleasant process, but the California legal system has two alternative dispute resolution procedures that may significantly reduce the emotional stress of a divorce. The first is mediation, and the second is collaborative divorce. The two divorce alternative dispute resolution procedures are significantly different, but they have a similar goal: facilitating participation of the couple in making all necessary decisions with a minimum of anger and confrontation and without the expense of a court trial.

Your kids may have a say in where they want to live after divorce

When parents get divorced with toddlers or babies, they decide -- sometimes with the help of the court -- where the children are going to live. However, this can change as the children grow older, and it can be a completely different experience when parents split up with children who are already of school age.

Navigating a "gray" divorce can be complicated

A rising phenomenon in California and across the nation is a so-called "gray" divorce in which older people have decided to end their marriages. While there are fundamental personal factors that must be considered in the context of all divorces, it is important to understand a gray divorce and its impact.

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