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February 2016 Archives

Divorce options may increase possibility of an amicable divorce

Pleasanton is a beautiful community that many people enjoy living in. Valentine's Day was recently celebrated again this year and according to studies, it signals an increase in divorce activity. While the cost to divorce in California is $435, the total cost for divorce can be significantly more. The overall cost of a divorce can vary depending on the amount of money and assets the couple has and the amount of conflict between the couple over the money and assets. There are, however, to divorce options that may save the couple money during the divorce process.

Understanding how to request a change to spousal support

This blog recently discussed the circumstances under which spousal or partner support may be awarded spousal or partner support in California. In some circumstances, after spousal or partner support has been awarded, either spouse or partner may need to change the amount of spousal or partner support. A request for a change in spousal or partner support can be made based on a change in circumstances. A significant change in circumstances may warrant a change in spousal or partner support.

How is spousal or partner support determined in California?

Couples approaching divorce may have many questions concerning spousal support. It can be helpful to get those questions answered and have a general understanding of the topic prior to beginning the divorce process. In general, when couples legally separate or divorce in California, one spouse may be required to pay spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, to the other. In circumstances of domestic partnerships, one partner may be required to pay partner support to the other.

Knowing California property division rules can be helpful

Being prepared for what to expect can help during the divorce process when dividing assets and debts from a marriage. Being aware of the procedures associated with the divorce process can help conclude the property division process more amicably. It is helpful to first be familiar with property division laws in the state where the couple is divorcing. In California, property division is determined according to community property rules, which presume an equal division of property.

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