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Should I respond to a divorce petition in California?

When a person in California is served with a divorce petition, he or she must decide whether to respond to it or not. Failure to respond will result in the process being a default or an uncontested case. There is a difference between simply not responding and not responding with the intention of negotiating a settlement with the other party and hashing out the divorce legal issues. It is important to know the difference and decide if negotiation is preferable to responding.

You can both mediate and litigate your divorce

Divorce is such a 20th century convention. Alternative dispute resolutions like mediation have transformed the family law industry and saved countless families the extended drama of a protracted divorce. If you are in a foundering marriage and looking for an escape hatch, this is one solution that bears a second look.

What are the different types of orders for visitation rights?

For California parents who have ended their relationship with their spouse or partner, the relationship with their child will still need to continue. Visitation rights can be a complex and problematic issue, and the best interests of the child are paramount. Some parents will allow their disagreements and potential lingering animosity with the other parent to interfere with parenting time and visitation. That is why it is essential to understand the different types of visitation orders that are available under state law. A parent who has the child for less than half the time will be granted visitation. There are generally four different categories of visitation: scheduled visitation, reasonable visitation, supervised visitation and no visitation.

Spousal support basics in California

Spousal, or partner, support is a payment from one former spouse to the other typically following a divorce. This type of support is referred to as spousal support when a married couple divorces and partner support when two domestic partners in California divorce. To help avoid disputes concerning spousal support and partner support, it is helpful for divorcing spouses and partners to understand how it is determined.

Is it always worth it to fight for the family home in a divorce?

Home may be where the heart is, but when a person's heart is broken and they are facing divorce, the family home may be a hotly sought-after asset. However, before fighting to keep the family home, a person in California may want to keep the following points in mind.

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