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July 2012 Archives

California State Treasurer's divorce under public light

There is no question that divorce is an emotionally difficult process. However, in the face of public scrutiny, the procedure can be all the more trying. California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer is currently facing such an uphill battle. The treasurer recently filed for divorce from his wife. Lockyer's wife resigned earlier this year from her position on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors after her problems with substance abuse and marital problems became public knowledge.

Courtrooms get final decision on divorce

As California residents know, the emotional strife that often occurs when ending a long and committed relationship can be tough. But making a decision to get a divorce can be even more difficult when there are hard decisions to be made regarding property division. Items like offshore accounts, business assets, retirement plans and 401(k)s can be difficult to value and even more difficult to split. And those are just the problems with property division. When religion is also involved in a divorce, another layer of strife can enter the equation.

California considers children with more than two parents

The definitions of who is a legal parent and of parenting itself have been changing and expanding for the past decade. With advances in assisted reproductive technology, as well as the increase in adoption, a child may often potentially have more than two parental figures in her life. In spite of these changes, most states have limited the number of legal parents any child can have to two. This decision has an impact on many multi-parent families in divorce proceedings as a court is often forced to determine that only two parents have parenting rights.

Designer shoe collection creates post-divorce dispute

There are many items to argue over during a divorce. A high-asset divorce involves particularly difficult conversations about property division due to the large number of assets involved. Just some examples of typical division of property disputes include the division of real estate, bank accounts, business assets and retirement plans.

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