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January 2018 Archives

Community and quasi-community property division in a divorce

When a California couple divorces, property division will be part of the process as they move forward with the end of their marriage. This can become complicated and lead to disputes. Some might claim that a certain piece of property is theirs alone, when it might be part of the marriage under state law and should be split between the two. It is important to know the difference about community property and quasi-community property, so the items can be divided fairly.

Can divorce mediation help with a contested divorce?

When there is a divorce in California, it is better for everyone if the couple can come to an agreement or at least be flexible in their demands as to how the process plays out. Unfortunately, the goal of an uncontested divorce is frequently unrealistic, and there are issues that can be difficult to settle. However, going to court is not always necessary. Instead, mediation might be useful way for a couple to work through their issues and settle their divorce.

When does child support start in California?

While divorce is an inevitable reality in life for some Californians, a portion of the basics with the process can lead to confusion. Most will have an understanding about child support, but there are nuances in most subjects, and child support is no exception. As the divorce moves forward, understanding child support is of paramount importance.

Survey shows which careers have highest incidence of divorce

While career choices are not the deciding factor on whether a marriage will succeed or end, research examining the frequency of divorce in various jobs can be useful for Californians and people across the nation. A new survey from the U.S. Census Bureau shows which jobs have the highest incidence of divorce in the U.S. This information can be beneficial to people who are having problems in their marriage and are contemplating the issues contributing to marital discord as they determine whether the end of a marriage is at hand or it can be salvaged.

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