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February 2014 Archives

Property division can affect one's career in California

When it comes to the property division aspect of divorce, California couples are often shocked at the complexity of dividing assets. While to many, property division may seem simple on the surface, when one is considering only dividing marital assets such as the house, the car and the summer home. Yet, it can actually be quite complicated, as there are sometimes an infinite number of items to potentially divide.

Keeping life's main priorities under control during divorce

It is hard for any individual to experience the divorce process. There are, however, certain steps to take in order to minimize the damage. For divorcing dads, there are often common mistakes made that increase the difficulty level of divorce. Just following a few simple rules could potentially make the entire experience much easier to undergo.

The day of separation can mean even more than one thinks

It is never easy to make the decision to divorce. Ending what was once thought to be a lifelong marriage is emotionally draining and scary. Not only that, but divorce often means that other complicated legal issues such as property division, child custody and alimony are just around the corner.

Can watching movies really help avoid divorce?

It is a topic that has be discussed inside and out by many in Oakland; how can one avoid divorce and save a marriage? The answer to this question however is often left unanswered. There appears to be no "silver bullet" one can use to save a marriage and the key to success is often different from couple to couple. One recent study however, proposes that a possible way to avoid divorce is found in the past time of watching movies.

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