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September 2015 Archives

What are the potential benefits of divorce mediation?

The American Bar Association has dubbed the third week of October as "mediation week" and in light of that, some individuals may be wondering what mediation is and how it can help them, especially when it comes to divorce. Mediation is a process that assists and guides parties involved in the legal process with reaching agreements between themselves. A mediator works with the parties to arrive at mutually agreeable outcomes. Because it is not an adversarial process but is instead aimed at meeting the needs of all parties, the mediation process can be especially useful in divorce situations.

Ending a marriage or domestic partnership in California

Most people in California understand that a divorce, or a dissolution of marriage, ends a marriage or domestic partnership. Following a divorce, the parties are considered single and are free to marry again or enter into a domestic partnership. California is a no-fault divorce state and the only reason necessary to provide for a divorce is "irreconcilable differences."

What is collaborative divorce?

In some circumstances, like where the parties litigate every issue, divorce can be a financially costly experience. One type of divorce process that can be more cost effective is a collaborative divorce. Because one of the primary drivers of divorce costs is disputes between spouses, the collaborative divorce process can save costs by facilitating agreements concerning divorce issues between the divorcing couple.

Ex Clippers owner, Sterling, files for divorce in California

This blog recently discussed the role alimony, or spousal support, plays in many California divorces. In addition to some of the concerns that may arise during the divorce process related to spousal support, high asset divorces can lead to increased complexities sometimes not present in divorces that do not require similar division of substantial assets. California couple Donald and Shelley Sterling, who previously owned the Clippers NBA franchise, is divorcing. Donald recently filed for divorce from his estranged wife Shelley. Shelley is now seeking alimony from Donald, however, the amount she is seeking in spousal support is unclear.

Understanding spousal support in California

Spousal support, also referred to as alimony, can be an important issue in most divorces. Unfortunately, the issue may also lead to acrimony between the divorcing spouses in some circumstances. As can be expected, there may be disputes concerning the paying of spousal support and the amount and duration of support paid. The determination of spousal support can be contentious, as the paying party will want to limit the amount of spousal support, of course, and the recipient party will view the spousal support as a type of support earned.

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