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What is the standard for determining primary custody?

No matter what life event a person is going through, no parent wants to see his or her child less. Nonetheless, parents in California that decide to divorce are required to sort through some challenging topics and decisions. One of these is child custody.

Helping determine the best way to divorce

Initiating the divorce process is a difficult step. However, it is a difficult decisions spouses in California are required to make. Taking the matter to court can be intimidating. One may not like the idea of battling over divorce issues through litigation, leaving the final decision up to a judge. Thus, many divorcing spouses consider alternative methods to dissolve their union.

Agreeing to disagree in a divorce

Once you and your spouse have made the decision to divorce, you still have to find your way through the mire of the divorce process. This can be a minefield for some couples, while others manage to carry it off with aplomb.

What to not forget when one is drafting a prenup

There is nothing less romantic than talking about the possibility of a California divorce when a couple is planning a wedding. While it is an uncomfortable conversation, it is an important factor to consider. Not only is the divorce rate near fifty percent, many divorcing spouses wish they had the ability to protect their assets. Because of this, many couples consider premarital agreements (prenup) as a form of security.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

The divorce process is often viewed negatively. Many withhold do not file because they are not prepared to deal with the divorce emotional rollercoaster. However, even if spouses in California and other states are not able to communicate well, there are still ways to effectively navigate the process without litigation.

Being conscious of divorce

The summer is not only a time to enjoy the weather and go on trips. It is also time when Californian couples make major decisions. One of these could be to get a divorce. Whether a spouse or couple has debated this process or if a spouse or couple suddenly decides their marriage will no longer work, it is important to understand how to proceed with the process.

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