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October 2012 Archives

Divorce apps assisting in the separation process?

Technological advances have made life a lot easier for most Californians. Thanks to technology like the internet, smart phones and GPS, we have a wealth of information at the touch of a button. Another useful form of technology we can add to this list is smart phone applications for divorce. As one previous post has mentioned, new phone applications now strive to ease the stress of divorce by assisting couples in determining property division, child support and child custody arrangements. Reduced stress can lead to a higher likelihood of engaging in a collaborative divorce process.

Planning ahead may make divorce easier

Therapists, divorce veterans and sociologists have created helpful tips for divorcing couples to deal with the emotional strife involved with a separation. Yet, some of the most helpful advice can come from finance experts who understand the complexity of the division of assets in divorce and how shifting from living on two incomes to one can drastically change one's lifestyle.

Former California governor reunited with his wife?

Terminator, politician and husband - this former California governor has taken on many titles. Rightly so however, the last thing Arnold Schwartzenegger wanted to be known for is his alleged adulterous acts. Yet, a solid 15 months of media reporting on the separation and impending divorce of Schwartzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver seem to indicate that the private family strife of Mr. Schwartzeneffer will endure over his accomplishments. Fortunately, recent developments indicate that this bleak outlook may turn right around.

Pre-wedding doubts could lead to divorce

There are many reasons why going through a divorce can be difficult. Emotional strife, complex property division and battles over child custody can be challenging to deal with. However, a new study may help California residents in identifying whether their relationship is headed for divorce before they even get to the altar.

Dividing complex property during divorce

During a divorce, there are usually always assets to divide. This can be a lengthy and complicated process if one does not take the proper legal steps in advance. Complex property division often involves business assets, retirement accounts, artwork and in some cases, even the Los Angeles, California Dodgers. The divorce between the couple that co-owned the Dodgers for example involved how to divide the baseball franchise between the splitting couple.

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