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January 2017 Archives

Hidden fees when dividing 401(k) account should be considered

As if dividing one's financial life from married to single status wasn't enough, there are sometimes hidden costs one should be aware of. One part of the divorce process is asset division. If a couple has been married for many years, they have likely accumulated assets that may be on the table during discussions of asset division. One asset in particular is usually important to both parties. That asset is a couple's 401(k), also known as a retirement account.

The three dangers in post-divorce relationships

Most modern divorces do not end in a clean break. You have children; there are joint business ventures, or you may even decide to keep the retirement accounts jointly held because it is cheaper and better for you both. In fact, many people will stay in contact for the sheer fact that they have known this person for a long time ? it isn't easy to cut people out of your life. Regardless of the reason, many divorced couples continue to have a relationship post-divorce. This post will go over the dangers that cause fights between post-divorce couples.

Preparing for your divorce consultation

Now that you and your wife have decided to divorce, it is time to start preparing for the process. Your entire life is going to change, from where you live to how often you get to spend time with your daughters. During the settlement process, you will have to disclose detailed information about your finances, your marriage, and other aspects of your personal life.

How can a California divorce affect my credit?

If you are contemplating getting a divorce from your husband or wife, you may be wondering how a divorce would affect your finances. Since a married couples' finances are usually combined, the process of divorce would effectively take all marital property and divide it between the spouses. This process is called property division and it can seem a daunting proposition. However, property division is necessary and is a big part of the transition from 'we' to 'me'.

Common considerations regarding child support in California

Child support is an important topic in the lives of many in Northern California, the East Bay and throughout the state. As a result, it is helpful for parents and families to be familiar with the basics of child support. To begin with, child support is determined by state child support guidelines. The calculation for child support can be complex but evaluates the number of children, the income of each of the parents, the amount of time each parent has custody and tax considerations.

Child support modification can be made for change in circumstance

After you and your child's other parent have decided to lead separate lives, it is only right to put a child custody agreement in place. Of the many details these child custody agreements determine, one is child support. Child support guidelines are often very specific and detail how, when and how much a child's main custodial parent should be paid to support the child. While child support agreements may last for long periods of time, there may come a time when the agreement is no longer meeting the needs of the child and the parents involved.

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