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A same-sex divorce needs legal advice like any family law case

Although same-sex marriage is now legal across the country and California was at the forefront of granting these couples the same rights to marry as anyone else, a divorce in these cases can still spark confusion as to how they can be handled. Having legal advice when a same-sex couple decides to part ways is critical whether there is a legal separation, a divorce, there are children involved, property division is an issue and much more.

How can I get long-term spousal support in California?

When spousal support - also referred to as alimony - is determined in California, one of the biggest questions that both the prospective supporting former spouse and the supported former spouse will have surrounds the length of time for which it must be paid. Many who are receiving spousal support will want it to continue permanently or at least for the long-term. The paying spouse will want a gauge as to when it will conclude. Understanding how a judge will decide on the payments and how long they will last is integral to a case.

Dispute over pets in California divorce now addressed by law

Most California divorces have a dispute of some kind as part of the process. Some are contentious, others are amicable, most are in between. Property division disputes can be difficult when there are items of personal and financial value. If there are items that are of sentimental value, both sides are unlikely to express extensive flexibility on how it will be handled. A complicated factor in a divorce is when the couple has a pet that both want after the case is completed and they are unable to come to an agreement. In the past, this has been difficult to navigate. Now, there is a new law coming into effect as to how pets will be addressed.

Preparing for post-divorce financial disputes before the divorce

One of the biggest factors in a California divorce is money. Financial issues can cause stress between the parties, lead to spiraling disagreements and spark other problems that make the marriage untenable. Often, however, even in cases where the couple has navigated all their issues and parted ways, finances can still cause disagreements long after the divorce has been completed. Understanding what possible financial landmines can undo even the most amicable divorce agreement can be useful to being proactive and preventing them beforehand.

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