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Model and retired football player reportedly plan to divorce

California divorces can be complicated regardless of a person's job, social standing or income. When the couple is well-known, then the situation grows more complex. People who are public figures whether it is in the entertainment industry, in sports or in some other prominent area can have trouble going through the divorce process. Many of these cases are a high-asset divorce with property division a constant source of dispute.

Is divorce mediation a path to resolve my situation amicably?

There is a perception that every California divorce must be contentious and filled with dispute. For some, that is true. However, many divorce cases can be resolved amicably through mediation. This can save money and time while simultaneously allowing the participants to remain on cordial -- or even good -- terms. For those with children or whose circumstances will remain linked possibly through a business entanglement, this can be beneficial. It is important to understand how mediation works and to determine if it is the right path for you.

Protecting children from custody conflicts

Parents who face divorce have many difficult tasks ahead of them, and it is regularly tempting for one parent or the other to act out in unacceptable ways. Even when both parents intend to create a stable, loving home for their children, the tensions between them can lead to unfair behavior that not only violates the rights of the other parent, but harms the children they love.

How does domestic violence affect child custody in California?

One of the more difficult issues to navigate in a California child custody case is if there is a history of domestic violence. While a relationship with children is desirable for both parents, the best interests of the child take precedence. Multiple factors must be weighed when there are domestic violence issues and the parents should be aware of how the state handles these matters. There are plans in which parenting time and visitation rights can be given to a parent who has been accused of abuse, but the key is safety for the child and the other parent.

Understanding the factors that go into child custody decisions

Children are often at the center of the most contentious and emotional disputes that arise when a California couple parts ways. The decision as to where the child will reside the bulk of the time and how child custody and parenting time will be accorded can be a complex matter. Understanding how the courts will determine where the child will live is essential. There are many different factors that go into the decision, and parents and others who might want to have a say in the child's future must be aware of them.

What are residency requirements for a California divorce?

For California couples who are at the end of a marriage, it is important to understand all aspects of the case so they do not make a mistake they will regret or one that will hinder the process. The basics are occasionally the most complicated and one that should be addressed before even starting with a divorce is whether the residency requirements are met to file in the state. To divorce or for domestic partners to divorce in California, there are certain foundational necessities.

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