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February 2013 Archives

Kardashian divorce set for trial in California

It is hard to be a California resident and not know about Kim Kardashian's ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries. Recently, a judge set a trial date for the separating couple, which is to begin in the spring. While Humphries is still pushing for an annulment, claiming the entire marriage was a fraud for the benefit Kim's television show, Ms. Kardashian adamantly opposes this claim. If the couple ultimately requires a traditional divorce, divorce mediation could be a potential alternative to the courtroom.

Planning ahead, how to handle property division

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Whether California residents celebrated the holiday with their significant, there is no question that for some, love was not in the air. While unfortunate, reality indicates that many relationships do not work and almost half of marriages fail. One expert recommends that before any California citizen ties the knot, she should first consider speaking to a lawyer.

Complicated reasons for separation, but an uncomplicated divorce

There are many reasons any couple might end a marriage. A major reason for divorce has to do with financial difficulties. Other couples face issues such as disagreement in how to raise children or how clean to keep the house. According to many experts, the biggest reason for divorce has to do with communication, or a lack thereof. When it comes to divorce, whatever the reason, the separation process itself can be eased through divorce mediation.

Divorce might bring out the best in a person

There are many difficult aspects to divorce. The decision to separate is not an easy one for any couple. When children are involved, things get infinitely more complicated. While many suggest that divorce can result in difficulties to family life, one dad finds a bright side to separation.

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