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January 2013 Archives

Post-divorce communications in California

When a divorce is in process, there is often nothing more controversial than child custody and child support determinations. For separating parents, what happens with the children post-divorce can be a very difficult issue to agree upon. While California courts determine child custody on a best interest of the child concept, the courts often first look to the parents if the separating couple has agreed on a child custody arrangement.

How the Bryants skirted complicated high asset division

There are many aspects of divorce that California residents may need to address when going through the official separation process. Certainly child custody and property division are among the big issues a separating couple have to surmount. For those individuals who own a large amount of property, a high asset divorce may makes things even more difficult.

Dual citizenship brings complicated concepts to child custody

In an era when international travel, trade and communication is frequent and relatively easy, it's understandable that relationships can begin and develop between a California resident and someone from an entirely different country. However, in the event of divorce, working with a jurisdictional and child custody issue across international borders is often quite complex.

Child support, divorce and financial aid

If there aren't enough things for divorcing parents to consider like complicated questions of alimony, property division and child custody, difficult financial situations such as college tuition payments also factor into the details of a divorce proceeding. As experts take a close look at financial aid applications as they relate to divorce, it becomes increasingly clear the divorce decree can have serious implications on financial aid awards.

Moving on after divorce

When we are young, we learn what we want in a significant other through trial and error. This is an acceptable way to go about things when one is 17-years-old with no real concept of the progression of time and no substantial demands on life. Ideally, when we marry, our spouse meets the expectations so hard fought to identify. Yet, as many California residents know, some marriages do not work out, and what we thought we wanted may not have been right after all.

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