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On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Divorce Alternative Dispute Resolution |

Initiating the divorce process is a difficult step. However, it is a difficult decisions spouses in California are required to make. Taking the matter to court can be intimidating. One may not like the idea of battling over divorce issues through litigation, leaving the final decision up to a judge. Thus, many divorcing spouses consider alternative methods to dissolve their union.

Whether one is a soon-to-be ex on good terms, both seek to reduce the costs associated with divorce or hope to finalize the process as effectively and quickly as possible. The legal professionals at John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, understand there are many ways to address the difficult and sometime sensitive matter of divorce. Thus, we are dedicated to serving couples in the Pleasanton area understand what divorce alternatives are available to them.

Although the traditional method to litigate a divorce can be an effective way to end a marriage, there are alternative methods available that help divorcing couples avoid the backlogs of the legal system that often cause the process to take much longer than expected. These methods also help spouses avoid the costs associated with litigation, often causing more stress and disputes throughout the process.

Our law firm is skilled at mediation, collaboration and arbitration, and we are prepared to assess unique situations, helping todetermine which process is best. The mediation process requires spouses to work with a mediator, which is a neutral party, in order to reach an agreement on each issues involved in the process. Our legal team is available to help our clients ensure that their voice is heard and rights protected.

While similar to the mediation process, the collaborative law process involves attorney representation on each side. The idea is that spouses, with the help of their attorneys, will work together to develop a fair and workable divorce settlement. One should note, however, that if the collaborative process does not work, the attorneys representing them cannot represent them if the case goes to litigation. This creates an incentive to resolve the matter through this or other alternative dispute method.

Arbitration or using a private judge is another promising option for divorcing couples. While hiring a private judge can be costly, it does make finalizing a contested case both cost and time effective. It also helps couples resolve the matter in one bulk of time. Arbitration is a method that can help develop an agreement that is either binding or non-binding. This is a more formal process to finalize a divorce out of court.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s divorce alternative dispute resolution page.


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