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Being conscious of divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

The summer is not only a time to enjoy the weather and go on trips. It is also time when Californian couples make major decisions. One of these could be to get a divorce. Whether a spouse or couple has debated this process or if a spouse or couple suddenly decides their marriage will no longer work, it is important to understand how to proceed with the process.

Based on recent trends, summer or right after a vacation or holiday are the peak times to get a divorce. It is also common for younger couples to divorce. No matter the reason or cause for divorce, conflicts are likely to initiate in the process.

Because it is common to have various platforms of social media, this alone could be the culprit for marital conflicts. It can also generate divorce issues throughout the process. Thus, it is important to be aware of the ways social media could be impacting not only a couple’s relationship but also their ability to proceed through dissolution.

Divorce is an emotional process, causing men and women to approach the process much differently. While the emotions involved might cause a wife to be hurt, cry a lot and find it difficult to find a happy medium, men might convert their sadness to anger, creating a hostile and difficult environment. It is important to process your emotions from the initial filing until long after a final divorce decree. And, while emotions are going to exist, it is best to gain control of them, reducing their impact on the overall process.

Finances are huge in the divorce process, and couples seek to reduce the money spent to go through dissolution. Although the traditional method of litigation can achieve an effective divorce order, it could be more costly and time consuming than other methods. Because of that, many couples consider the benefits of mediation. This method can prove to be a very positive experience, helping spouses effectively resolve their divorce issues, saving them heartache, money and time.

Regardless of your approach to the divorce process, it is important to understand the obstacles you might face and how best to overcome them. Whether that is through mediation, litigation or a combination of methods, it is important for spouses and couples to understand their rights and ways to protect them.

Source: The Huffington Post, “The Most Important Things to Know About Divorce,” Jim Halfens, July 28, 2017


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