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The benefits of divorce mediation over divorce litigation

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Couples considering divorce in Pleasanton or the East Bay area may wish to seek an alternative to the traditional divorce litigation process. Divorce mediation can save the time, cost and stress associated with traditional divorce litigation. Divorce mediation can also help keep a divorce out of the courtroom and help resolve common divorce-related issues such as property division, child custody, child support and spousal support.

Divorce mediation can help divorce-related issues be resolved in an amicable, private, safe and effective manner. Mediation provides an environment that allows the parties to work together to problem-solve and reach agreements that are best for the family and the parties involved. Divorce mediation also provides protection from the public aspect of divorce proceedings in court and allows couples to keep the divorce process private which can be beneficial for any children involved.

Divorce mediation also provides a safe environment – rather than the contentious nature of a courtroom and litigation -for couples to resolve divorce-related issues. Overall, divorce mediation provides the flexibility that allows the couple to reach outcomes that are best for their family and circumstances. In doing so, it gives the couple more control over the process than the family law court might. Attorney John T. Chamberlin has an extensive background in the area of divorce mediation. His quarter-century of experience in divorce mediation means that he is well-positioned to be a helpful resource to couples interested in pursuing this kind of dissolution.

In general, the family law process provides a wealth of resources to help families navigate the divorce process in a manner that is best for them and their situation and circumstances. It is beneficial for a divorcing couple to be familiar with the full range of resources afforded by the family law system. For more information about the services offered by Mr. Chamberlin and his staff, please check out the mediation page on our website.


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