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Get on the same page when the kids start back to school

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Child Custody |

While this school year will definitely be different than the others, some commonalities remain. One thing that divorced co-parents need to do is to have a united front about school and any extracurricular activities their kids in which their kids will be participating.

For some former spouses, the idea of presenting a united front over anything is still quite challenging. It’s for those parents that the below tips may be especially helpful:

  • Review the school rules and go over any changes with the kids. The last thing a parent wants is to have their child get in trouble because they were unaware of new rule changes.
  • Work out your parenting routines. There will likely be substantial changes to any school bus routes this year, and many parents may be choosing to drive their kids to and from school. This will likely require coordination with your child’s other parent. Make sure everything is clear so your kids are never stranded at school.
  • Decide on the extracurriculars. Every sport, club and activity comes with its own extra cost and time commitment. If your child spreads themselves too thin, it can cut into household expenses and court-ordered parenting time. Set limits and seek accord on what extracurricular activities the kids can join.

If you are newly divorced and your child is young, they may be exhibiting some regressive behaviors as a result of the split. It’s a good idea to loop in your child’s teacher, coach and the principal about your family’s situation so that they may make allowances for the time being.

Sometimes, the changes that a new school year brings will make an untenable custody situation come to light. In these cases, you may need to revisit the custody issue with your Pleasanton family law attorney.


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