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Resolving Child Custody And Visitation Disputes In California

If you are facing the sensitive and important matter of determining a child custody or visitation arrangement, you need a family law attorney you can trust. Since 1986, I have been successfully representing the personal interests of parents by developing amicable parenting plans through negotiation and mediation, saving clients and their children the emotional trauma of going to court whenever possible.

For a lawyer who cares, contact me today at the Pleasanton, California, law office of John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law.

Providing Understanding Legal Guidance For Issues Involving Your Children

I am a parent. I understand what goes into raising a child, and I understand that life is constantly changing. It is not always possible to find a static solution that fits the life of a growing, changing child. If you are a parent facing a divorce, by resolving child visitation and custody issues through the mediation process, you will be able to make a plan that is flexible and appropriate for your family.

How Does It Work In California?

California law determines child custody according to the best interests of the children. This coincides with the presumption that joint custody is best for children. To make a determination, the court must look at the individual circumstances of the child, considering how parenting issues were handled before the divorce, as well as whether a parent can physically and logistically carry out parenting duties.

I have effectively represented clients on both sides of move-away and relocation cases and cases involving an abusive parent, as well as custody disputes between same-sex couples.

What You Can Expect From Me

I work closely with each client to develop a parenting plan that takes all factors and considerations into account. I advocate for the rights and interests of my clients and their children in a respectful, professional setting to determine an arrangement that is right for the children.

I have also been appointed by the Alameda County Superior Court to represent children in high-conflict child custody cases. With this experience, I have gained valuable insight into the needs of children and divorce’s effect on them.

When circumstances that influenced an original child custody or visitation order have changed, I represent clients in cases involving post-divorce modifications to the arrangement.

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