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Modifying your child support agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2016 | Child Custody |

A child support agreement determines the way in which child support will be paid. It is determined after negotiations between the parents. The financial situation of the parent paying the child support might change, which is why there are laws in place to modify a child support agreement. The child support agreement may be modified by either party, and the court can increase or decrease it accordingly. The child’s requirements may increase with age, which could prompt the custodial parent to ask for an increase in child support.

child support agreement is binding on the noncustodial parent till the court modifies it. If you face sudden or unforeseen financial changes in your life, it is important to try your best to provide for your child. This might play a pivotal role in whether you can get the amount decreased. If the judge sees that you tried your best to pay the child support but still failed, you might get some concessions. Thus you need to keep paying child support until you file for modification and the judge makes changes. If you stop paying and the judge refuses your plea, your payments could pile up.

Custodial parents may file to increase child support by stating that the annual cost of living has increased. The custodial parent might have to fill out an annual cost of living form to justify the request for an increased amount of child support.

If you feel that your current child support agreement does not suit you, it is advisable to contact an experienced family law attorney who can help you get it changed


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