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Divorcing parents need to have a shared focus on the children

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Child Support |

Parents who are going through the divorce process will have to continue to work together as parents following the divorce. Co-parenting following a divorce involves many important considerations and financial considerations are one set of concerns divorced parents must address.

As children progress through their childhoods, there are a variety of activities they will be involved in that will have to be financed and other future concerns — such as college tuition. Oftentimes, the parent paying child support does not believe they should pay for these activities. Children may avoid these activities to avoid conflicts and disputes.

Disputes concerning post-divorce finances can create valid concerns for both parents but parents want to adhere to conducting themselves in a manner that is in the best interests of the children. What is in the best interests of the children is always a guiding principle for the family law system. It is important to work together to agree on how child-related financial issues will be resolved and determine how child-related financial issues will be addressed in the future.

Where the children are concerned, it is important to reach solutions that are best for the child and the family and to focus more on achieving that than existing child support or spousal support obligations. In any divorce circumstance, resolution of disputes is not a competition and it is best to work out shared solutions. A variety of professionals and resources through the family law process are available to help guide divorcing couples through their divorce and the future following it.

Source: Brentwood Patch, “Parenting and Child-Related Money Issues After Divorce,” Michael Rubino, Sept. 7, 2016


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