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Assisting California Parents With Issues Of Child Support

At the law office of John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, I work hard to bring clarity and peace of mind to parents struggling with the difficult legal process of divorce. When so many things seem uncertain, I help clients understand the California child support guidelines and how those laws affect their individual circumstances.

For a clear explanation of what you can expect and committed legal guidance from a knowledgeable attorney in your child support case, please contact my Pleasanton, California, law office today.

How Is Child Support Calculated In California?

California law bases child support determinations on a mathematical formula that considers the individual incomes of both parents. I have an in-depth understanding of this formula and what factors are considered when making child support calculations.

I use the same technology and software to provide accurate child support calculations that the court uses, and I have significant experience using this software and applying the formula. I can provide my divorce clients with an accurate calculation and some level of certainty as to what to expect.

I will gather all relevant information and analyze what it means to your situation. Child support is based primarily on the net income of each parent. I perform thorough and in-depth discovery of relative tax information, eligible deductions, income and all other factors considered by the formula and the courts.

After Your Divorce Or Split

Sometimes, after a divorce has been finalized and child support amounts have been determined, it may become necessary to re-evaluate the original order. If a significant change in the circumstances of one or both parents occurs, I can represent parents in modifications of existing child support arrangements. I provide my clients with all necessary information regarding child support rights and information related to add-on expenses like medical/health care, child care, education and activities.

In addition to my service to clients in child support matters, I represent their interests in determining alimony and spousal support arrangements.

With all of the uncertainty related to a divorce, clients appreciate my dedicated efforts to keep them informed about what lies ahead and what they can realistically expect in their child support case.

I have been serving the family law needs of individuals and families in Pleasanton, California, for over 30 years. To speak directly with an experienced, knowledgeable and attentive child support lawyer, contact me today by calling 925-271-5650. You may also contact me by email.

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