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The benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Divorce Mediation |

There are different alternatives to divorce litigation that may help couples reach a more amicable divorce settlement. Mediation and collaborative divorce are two alternate options provided by the family law system for couples to consider when divorcing. Mediation and collaborative divorce share some similarities. Each process involves negotiation and can be helpful for couples to help them reach a divorce settlement.

Collaborative divorce allows the couple to meet with each of their representatives to resolve divorce-related issues. Collaborative divorce provides a supportive environment for the couple to resolve divorce-related concerns. Collaborative divorce is a holistic approach that may also include financial, mental health and other professionals to help couples reach well considered and thought out resolutions to their concerns and may not only lead to fewer disputes but also help the couple resolve disputes more amicably. In addition, all parties involved commit to the collaborative law process and its outcome.

If the collaborative law process fails, the representatives for the couple do not continue to litigation of the divorce and information shared and discussed in the collaborative divorce sessions cannot be used in court. The confidential nature of the collaborative divorce process creates a safe environment to exchange information and discuss differences. Both the collaborative divorce process and mediation process are options that can save couples time, money and acrimony during the divorce process.

When divorcing, couples may have many worries on their minds which is why it is important they are aware there are different options for them to consider to resolve their divorce concerns. The family law system, including our law firm, is designed to facilitate settlement agreements concerning divorce-related issues and to help divorcing couples through what is oftentimes a challenging period.


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