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How Collaborative Law Is Used For Divorces

For any family, the courtroom can be a volatile, contentious environment. Most people facing a divorce or separation want to avoid the cost and stress of traditional divorce litigation, especially when children are involved. For couples in this situation, collaborative law can be an effective method for resolving divorce-related issues without the problems associated with litigation.

At John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, I represent clients in divorce, separation and dissolution of domestic partnerships and other family law matters in Pleasanton and throughout Alameda County, California. I have more than 30 years of legal experience that benefits my clients in collaborative law.

As your lawyer, I will work closely with you to make sure we protect your interests and come to an equitable, yet favorable, divorce agreement through collaborative law. Conversely, I can serve as a neutral mediator, not representing either client’s individual interests, but working in a neutral capacity to help facilitate discussion.

What Is Collaborative Divorce In California?

Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution option and is like mediation in many ways. Primarily a form of negotiation, collaborative law allows both parties to meet, with their collaborative lawyers, to work out resolutions to the issues involved in the divorce.

Each participant is represented by a lawyer who has formally committed to the collaborative process, and the discussions that occur in the collaborative law sessions cannot be used in court if the case ends up in litigation, making the collaborative law meetings a private and safe environment to work toward resolution.

Agreeing Not To Litigate

The main wrinkle in collaborative law is that the lawyers representing the divorcing parties agree that they will not represent them if the case goes to litigation. This gives the attorneys extra incentive to work toward resolution in the negotiations, rather than push for costly litigation. Collaborative law participants know that their lawyers are committed to helping them get the results they need in the process.

At John T. Chamberlin, Attorney at Law, I can represent your interests as your lawyer in collaborative law negotiations or I can serve as a neutral facilitator.

I also collaborate with financial experts in division of asset disputes, mental health professionals in child custody and support matters, and other experts to give my clients sound legal counsel through all aspects of their collaborative divorces.

Contact John T. Chamberlin, Attorney At Law, today to discuss your collaborative divorce options. Call me at 925-271-5650 or contact me online to get started.

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