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Post-divorce child support modifications may be available

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Child Support |

Life is full of changes and life following divorce is not any different. Life changes can alter the relevance or applicability of divorce orders related to child support, child custody or other divorce-related concerns. Parties may encounter the need to care for a sick loved one, the need to deal with developmental challenges facing a child, an unexpected job loss or a relocation related to a career opportunity.

One party to the divorce may seek to modify a divorce-related order while the other party may disagree with the proposed modification and seek to contest it. When a party to a divorce has experienced a significant change in their life circumstances, modification of divorce-related orders, including child support modifications and child custody modifications, may be possible.

With regard to child support, and spousal support situations, a change in circumstances that might allow for child support modification can include a significant change in income that is the result of a promotion or job loss, or a significant change in the child’s needs that is the result of an illness, injury or developmental need. In child custody situations, a significant change in circumstances can include relocations that are necessary to care for relatives that are ill, or for work or a change in work hours that will have an impact on the visitation arrangement.

In all circumstances, it can be helpful to petition for the change and begin to negotiate, especially in child support circumstances, early on. It is important to continue paying child support and promptly seek any modification from the court. It can be important, especially in circumstances of child support and spousal support, to determine when the modified support will begin.

Parties to a divorce should be familiar with the divorce order modification process and how to pursue that process when needed because it is available to help families through life changes. Our Oakland-based law firm is experienced in helping people with child support modifications and all other divorce issues. Our website has helpful information for anyone who needs more information about family law issues.


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