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Resolving child support complaints in California

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Child Support |

Child support complaints in California that involve a state agency’s collection efforts can be addressed by a non-custodial party or a custodial parent via a legal filing with the local child support agency. Forms that are required for such a complaint are available at local child support agencies as well as the official website of the California Department of Child Support Services.

These local child support agencies can agree to help resolve child support issues in certain cases. For instance, the agencies can assist with certain types of customer service issues, as well as issues involving payment and billing.

These local child support agencies will not resolve complaints where an action has been taken by the court, such as custody or visitation or the monetary amount of a spousal support or child support order. These matters can only be resolved by the court. A local child support agency will also not resolve complaints about services of the court. Regarding these issues, an advocate, attorney, lawyer or the family law facilitator at the court can help address these matters.

An appeal can be made to the California State Hearing Bureau following a decision made by the child support agency. Such appeals can be made only in cases where there has been denial of services regarding child support, services were untimely or child support payments are missing or incorrect. Also, appeals can be made if amounts in arrears need to be paid or a decision has been reached to close the case.

Forms to request a state hearing are available at every local agency. The forms are also available for downloading from the state’s website. A limitation of 90 days is in effect from the date of knowledge of subject matter of complaint to the written decision from the agency or date of the complaint within which a hearing must be requested.

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