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California bill may relieve sperm donor from paying child support

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Child Support |

The law considers the financial needs of a child to be greatly significant. This is why even if the parents of the child are no longer together, the law requires them to provide child support for their child. Once someone has been identified as the mother or father of a child, the law requires that person to put up a specified amount of money on a regular basis in order to take care of the medical needs and everyday expenses of that child.

Any default or delinquency in terms of child support may draw penalties, which is why it is very important to determine the parental rights of a person with respect to a child. A new Californian law that is currently pending may become instrumental in separating a father from a mere sperm-donor. This legislation, if approved, may also become instrumental in ensuring that child support cannot be sought from a sperm-donor within the state.

Even after identifying a person as a sperm-donor, should the child’s mother encourage that person to develop a father-like relationship with the child, this encouragement may give that person parental rights regarding the child. Then, child support could not be entirely ignored. However, if the biological father has not been encouraged to form a parent-like relationship with the child, he may successfully avoid child support.

This Californian legislation in essence plans to address some of the concerns surrounding parental rights and responsibilities, but it still leaves several issues unaddressed. Therefore, it will be important for parents to understand their legal rights when creating a family with the use of a sperm donor.

Source: The Washington Post, “Could a California bill make going from sperm donor to father as easy as filling out a form? Not so fast,” Abby Phillip, May 20, 2014


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